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Roberta our Yamaha Wake boat has been built from a wakeboard boat design but slightly adapted for salt water and sea conditions. At 21 foot with a 115bhp Yamaha outboard, Roberta has more than enough power to pull an elephant out the water on a monoski!

The wake tower elevates the rope to pop you off the wake and pull you skywards making the wake to wake jumps effortless.

A Phat Sac water bladder gives an adjustable weight on the boat to push the wake up even higher – be warned if you scare easily!

When the ballast is removed and the engine trimmed all the way down, Roberta becomes more of a ski boat. We can flatten out the wake making it much easier to waterski and monoski behind.

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our boards

All our gear is updated regularly, and only top name brands are used, Ronix, Hyperlite, Jobe, O’Brien, CWB and Liquid Force, all making for a guaranteed great ride – so no excuses on those face plants and numb skulls.


Ronix District 137

Not sure of your riding style and just want an all around high-end board? The District is a very predictable ride setting an edge or leaving the kicker. A low maintenance all around fun new ride – for riders that want a skate like feel on the water. A universal arc creates speed from an idle continuous rocker in the middle length of the board, combined with a kink in the tip/tail area. This hybrid curve means that riders with a tail-heavy body position notice additional speed off the wake from the smooth transition. Riders with their weight more centered rely on the additional bend in the tip/tail of the board with the added straight up snap off the wake. A lively, responsive all-around series.

  • Sharp bevel from tip to tail for the quickest in edge response

  • Fuller center rail rides higher in the water with a sharper rail in the tail area for extra grip up the wake

  • Thinner profile reduces swing weight

  • Four molded-in outer fins offer a quicker release off the wake

  • Simple bottom shape designed to land with more forward momentum

  • Artwork – screened deep red flake/gold foil stamp

  • Two fiberglass 1.3″ fins

  • Endorsed by the everyday rider

O’Brien Natural 139

Now entering its third season, Daniel Watkins Natural is one of OBriens flagship decks and has established itself as one of the most desired shapes in the industry. Equipped with OBriens DELTA base, the Natural rides fast and clean with insanely smooth edge-to-edge performance and balance, topped off with a smooth three-stage kick off the wake.

  • 3-Stage rocker – large flat spot gives the board huge pop.

  • DELTA base – board rides faster, releases cleaner.

  • 8 Molded-in fins – excellent tracking and stability.

  • Cupped rails – super strong edge hold.

  • Elevated deck and rails – adds strength, reduces weight, gives rider

  • something to grab.

  • Variable Edge Profile- soft in the middle, sharp at the tip and tail.

Hyperlite Divine 134

Founded from the popular Motive series wakeboards for fluid transferred turns and smooth grace in the air. Endorsed by female wakeboard sensations like Maeghan Major and Cheryl Newton.




Ronix Krush 134

Redefining the versatility of board shapes for toe/heelside demands. When you are riding heelside your body is facing the boat with natural balance. While riding toeside your shoulders are facing the boat and your hips are crossed up. Toeside is an unnatural position without as much effective edge in the water. Every aspect of the rocker line, sidecut and variable rails of the Krush is designed for maximum edge hold on your toeside, while still giving you freedom to break free on your heelside.

  • Toeside rail is thinned out to sit deeper in the water along with a wider profile with less sidecut riding higher up the wake with a bigger sweet spot

  • Heelside rail has a more vertical sidewall with less resistance on the water, and more sidecut for a quicker release

  • Artwork – iridescent glitter sublimated top/flock chrome sticker

  • 4 molded fins

  • 2 fiberglass 1.3″ fins

  • Designed with the every day rider in mind


Liquid Force Transit

It is time to kick things up a notch with the Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Bindings!This binding from the Liquid Force company is a true piece of engineering genius with all the best wakeboarding technology packed inside. The Transits feature a high strength, yet lightweight IPX chassis and fast as lightning zonal lacing system. Also built into this sweet set of bindings are an impact EVA footbed that reduces the shock load of rough landings, and a unique cuff stretch zone that allows for a full range of motion on the water. Strap in once and you will be hooked on the Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Bindings!

Liquid Force Domain

The Liquid Force Domain Wakeboard Bindings are back with a ton of performance for intermediate riders that demand a more supportive and easily customizable fit you can’t get in any typical entry level binding. The 2013 Domain features a Zonal Velcro system, flex cuff, and Comfort Liner to let you adjust to your personal style and conditions. Spend less time on the swim platform and more time slashing the wake with the LF Domain Wakeboard Bindings.

Ronix Divide

Ronix’s most popular open toe boots, the Ronix Divide Wakeboard Bindings are the lightest boots Ronix has ever made, but still offer the support you would expect from a pro model boot. Stop wasting energy pulling on boots; thanks to the latest ease of entry tech, the Divides let you spend that precious energy where it matters: the wake. If you want great board control, a wide range of adjustability and tons of comfort, the Divide bindings are for you.




Liquid Force Armada 41″

The sport of wakeskating is increasing in popularity exponentially. This might be due to the free feeling given by riding a board without any bindings, or maybe because it gives hard core skateboarders a way to try the toughest of tricks without having to eat concrete every time they fall.

For the skater using the wake like your favorite half-pipe or bowl, the Liquid Force Armada, high-end compression molded skate is perfect for you. Molded-in fin channels add to the tracking capabilities and stability when going wake to wake. There is no substitute for the smooth release of its variable edge rails.


The weight on this wakeskate has been updated, allowing the board to stay with you easier in the air, and stiffened the snap for even more control and response. Equipped with an aggressive rocker and contoured/kicked deck this skate will pop with you and take you where you want to go.



Ronix Cortez 5′ 4″

Wakeboard durability with lightweight foam and glass buoyancy from the originators of the first compression molded wake surfboard. A versatile subtle swallowtail design for toes on the nose stability, frontside airs off the lip performance and big cutbacks on the wake. For riders of any size looking for a freshwater surf experience – even with smaller boat wakes. The fish shape tri-fin series delivers on the rail maneuverability with a speedy rocker line to keep a surfer tight in the line of a wake.

  • EVA top deck with built in wedge for more power into a turn

  • Variable rail design – sharper bevel/rail in the tail for a quicker edge transfer and a mellower more stable bevel/rail blending to the front of the board for a floatier, more forgiving feel

  • Krypto Cable – makes the sidewall the strongest part of the board – not the weakest, along with a torsionally stiffer board

  • Mod Pour Foam – this demanding alternative core is new for this year made from our exclusive blend of carbon and atoms

  • Three surf-specific designed fins

  • Oh yeah, designed by Herb



Connelly Odessey

A great value in combo skis for the whole family. Learning is made easy by using the stabilizer bar to keep the skis in the proper position and is easily removable when you have master this combo pair. The wide tails and shallow, narrow tunnels provide control stability, and smooth easy turns. A high gloss, UV coated top protects your ski and looks great. Easy to use slide-adjustable bindings and a proven ski design make this combo pair great for all of the Teens or Adults in your family!​​

  • Reinforced composite construction

  • Glass filled nylon fins

  • Length 68″ – Suitable for skiers 135-240 lbs

  • Comes complete w/ Slide Adjustable bindings



Jobe Baron


  • Designed for enjoyment

  • Level: Carving to Slalom

  • The Baron will reintroduce performance and enjoyment to skiers of all levels.

  • Based on a more traditional ski shape, the Baron combines performance and support

  • Thanks to the fiberglass layup and a slightly narrower tail, the back of the ski is able to sit more deeply in the water, allowing the ski to initiate easier turns

  • The combination of design and performance gives the ski a large “sweet spot”, creating a very stable ride

  • 3 Stage Rocker – Edge to Edge concave – Fiberglass layup – Polyurethane Core – Standard Slalom Fin System

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